Neuro-Educational Clinic

Specializing in Second Opinion Evaluations* for school age students - 
Neuropsychological, Psycho-Educational, ERMHS**, and Transition Plans 
(English, Spanish, or Bilingual)


A school aged child typically comes through my door in the following way:

1. A parent, in disagreement with the district evaluation, requests a second opinion with someone at the district who is authorized to grant second opinion evaluations.  This individual is usually known as the Director of Special Education or Program Specialist.

2. When granted the evaluation, the parent is provided with a list of out-of-district psychologists to choose from (however, the parent can choose any psychologist outside the list as long as the psychologist has the appropriate credentials requested by the district). 

3. If the parent chooses my Clinic, all the parent needs to do is fax in the letter of approval to me at (951) 267-2536.  Once I receive the letter, I contact the parent to learn more about his/her child.  I ensure that the parent has selected me to complete their child's evaluation and obtain permission from the parent to contact the district personnel to establish a contract.  Once contact has been made, it can take 1 to 3 weeks to complete the contract process before the evaluation is actually started, depending on how quickly the paperwork is processed. 

4. Once the evaluation begins, it can take anywhere between 2 to 4 months before the report is finalized and a meeting is held to review the results of the evaluation (see Q & A for more information).  Again, I make every attempt to present the evaluation results in person.  When this is not possible, alternative methods are to present the results via phone or Skype.

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