Neuro-Educational Clinic

Specializing in Second Opinion Evaluations* for school age students - 
Neuropsychological, Psycho-Educational, ERMHS**, Transition Plans, and 
Speech & Language Evaluations (English, Spanish, or Bilingual)

Meet Dr. V's
Psychology Practicum Student


          Mrs. Ginalynn Garces is a 4th-year doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at Walden University. Her interests are in the areas of Health and Neuropsychology both in academia and clinical realms. 

          Mrs. Garces earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Hawaii Pacific University and her Master's in Healthcare Administration degree from Grand Canyon University. She has a diverse experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and geriatric populations in various settings, including private, educational, correctional, and nursing home facilities.

          Mrs. Garces aspires to become a licensed Psychologist in California upon completing her post-doctoral experience.

          Under the direct supervision of Dr. V., Mrs. Garces will acquire specialized skills in Psycho-Educational and Neuropsychological assessments. This specialization will promote the utmost career independence and clinical competence in the field.

           Along with her experience at NEC, Mrs. Garces is also completing an additional practicum assignment at Rich & Associates. This experience includes direct social skills intervention for children with ADHD, ASDs, and other mental health conditions through the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

          Mrs. Garces comes eager to collaborate and work with the local community during her practicum assignment at NEC. Inspired by the guidance of colleagues and through clinical supervision, Mrs. Garces continues her efforts to foster a holistic approach in her work with all ages.

          Mrs. Garces is currently writing her dissertation, addressing the global concern of Polypharmacy on adverse drug reactions, titled: Predictors of Older Adults’ Confidence in Avoiding Drug Interactions.

          On her spare time, Mrs. Garces enjoys spending time with her family, relaxing at the beach, and taking vacations when time permits.

          If you have had contact with Mrs. Garces regarding an evaluation and you wish to reach out to her, please email her at For a copy of her curriculum vitae, please click here.

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